Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Fallout Of A Hack. Celebgate, Double Standards And iCIoud Weaknesses

A nightmare for those involved and a mixed blessing for the mainstream press. John Moore looks at the two-sided tale of the recent iCIoud hack...

The massive release of stolen celebrity pictures that began at the imageboard AnonIB, an affair that's since been dubbed Celebgate (or The Fappening, if you really want to be crude), must have caused some fevered meeting among newspaper and website staff on Sunday 3rd September. They had a fine line to walk when working out exactly how much salacious content they could get away with, without crossing the line. Seriously, if infamously amoral celeb blogger Perez Hilton - who has a long track record of publish-and-be-damned insouciance - is pulling photos from his site and sites like Gawker are wringing their hands about this breach of privacy, others needed to tread carefully, because the legal rottweilers must be on the loose. Or was this change in attitude more than just the result of legal approaches?

How much RAM do you really need?

lot of ram

More is usually better, but is there a limit to high you should go with your memory setup?

Memory upgrades are a great way to improve a computer. RAM is affordably cheap, easy to install and virtually guarantees a performance increase at any level, so resource-hungry is the software we use.

But how much RAM is enough? The average desktop contains around 2GB, but it’s not unusual to upgrade your system so that it contains 4GB, 8GB or even more than that. Since there are only four memory banks on a montherboard, there's a physical limit to how much you can install. But should you be aiming to hit that limit, or is the practical limit much lower than that?