Sunday, 25 October 2015

How SSD work

How SSD work

Before we start to explain what an Solid State Drive (SSD) is and how it works we should first take a look at where we’ve come from.

Epson TW5300 Projector

Epson TW5300

Big-screen gaming, on a small-screen budget

I’ve been a vocal proponent for projectors for almost 15 years now, ever since I fired up my first 720p model hooked up to an Xbox, and was blown away by the true bigscreen experience. I’ve never gone back to gaming on a monitor since then, it’s that bloody good, with only VR tempting me away from its epic levels of immersion. Epson absolutely dominates the projector market here in Australia with over 50% of local sales, and its 9300 has been on our Beast page for quite some time. This month sees the arrival of its more affordable sibling, the TW5300. At a fraction of the cost, this is the perfect entry-level projector for gamers, and in some ways is even superior to its bigger bro.