Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Rise Of The Machines. Has Technology Done More Bad Than Good?

The Rise Of The Machines. Has Technology Done More Bad Than Good

Would we be better off without technology? Chris Hallam weighs up the many pros and cons of modern life

Hurrah for technology! Let’s face it: it’s great. Without technology, you would probably be sitting in a darkened cave now, listening to spiders scurrying about like some prehistoric Robert the Bruce dreaming of some Raquel Welch-like cave girl. Assuming you could even read, you wouldn’t be reading this. You wouldn’t have the internet for one thing. For another, without technology as a subject, this article wouldn’t be here for you to read anyway. You’d probably be reading one about woolly mammoths or something instead.

Turn Your Monitor Into A Smart TV

James Hunt shows you how to make your display do a little more

It may not have escaped your notice that the line between TVs and computer monitors is pretty thin these days. An LCD panel with high-definition pixels and incredibly bright backlight? Sounds familiar to us. Indeed, if you have a high-end monitor, it may even look better than your TV.

The £50 iPad Beaters

The £50 iPad Beaters

Amazon has just released its cheapest Fire tablet yet. But is it good enough? David Crookes asks whether we’re only getting what we pay for with the rising number of £50 tablets

In November, a new Apple tablet is set to be released in time for the Christmas rush. Called the iPad Pro, it’s being billed as thin, light and epic, and it is certainly bigger than any other iPad, with a 5.6 million pixel Retina screen measuring 12.9 inches.