Friday, 10 July 2015

Security Without Password

Security Without Password

You don’t need to remember your password anymore for a secure log-in

In the last year alone, over two billion data records were stolen by cyber criminals. This is far riskier than just a mere number of accounts, since many people often use the same password for various log-ins. For many years, experts have been advising to keep different passwords for every account, which should consist of special characters, upper and lower case and figures as well. Understandably, it is tedious for most of the users. However, in order to keep the accounts reasonably safe, the security industry now advising users to take additional measures. There are no truly safe passwords out there. There are methods to attack most of them. Really safe password alternatives have yet to developed until now.

Right-click software secrets

Right-click software secrets

Your favourite programs' best features are hidden in the right-click menu, Jane Hoskyn reveals how to make software even better with a click

Right-click a file in Windows, and what do you see? Save, Delete, Copy, ‘Open with’ and, for when you’re in an investigative mood, Properties. You may not be able to recite the right-click menu by heart, but you use it so often it’s almost auto-pilot.

It’s surprising, then, that we don’t make more use of right-click menus in other software. Programs you use every day have their very own right-click (‘context’) menus that contain useful shortcuts and hidden administrative tools. Even Microsoft’s own programs bury their cleverest tricks behind the lesser-clicked button on your mouse.

Vodafone Tab Prime 6

Vodafone Tab Prime 6

A tablet made for mobile data

Most tablets can only get on the internet via Wi-Fi; they don’t have a SIM for mobile data like a smartphone. But that may not matter too much, because most people who have tablets also have smartphones, and most smartphones can function as a personal hotspot. Wherever you can get a signal, your phone can act as a Wi-Fi network for your tablet to connect to.

What Do Router Settings Actually Mean?

Router Settings

Keir Thomas delves into his router’s configuration panels to provide a quick and simple guide to getting the most from your network hardware

Internet technology is designed to be as simple as possible to understand, but it’s simultaneously clogged up with confusing terminology. In this feature we will be going through the terms and technologies you’re likely to encounter while delving into your router’s settings screens; we use a BT Home Hub 5 for  the purposes of dissection, and BT still has the lion’s share of ADSL broadband customers in the UK, but what’s discussed is common across all kinds of wi-fi routers.

Remembering… Sega Dreamcast

Sega Dreamcast

David Hayward looks back at one of the best consoles ever made

By the late 90s, the console had well and truly taken over as the dominant gaming platform of the living room, while the PC was relegated to the corner of the bedroom or some other smaller room in the house.

After the magnificent success of the Master System, followed by the record beating popularity of the Mega Drive, Sega had a little blip. The poor Saturn, despite being well ahead of its time in terms of processing power, failed to warm to the buying public, who instead opted for the Nintendo 64 and Sony PlayStation.

Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III

Stunning beauty in a withered world

Aspidery, snakelike humanoid entity slowly descends from the ceiling in a darkened room, locking gaze with you as it reveals a sword engulfed in flames. Atmospheric music wafts into the room as the Dancer of the Frigid Valley moves gracefully toward you, an unnatural ballet that’s enchanting yet somehow horribly wrong. A flowing, transparent cape and eerie mask hide the true nature of the terror before you as the fight continues. Tension threatens to throw you off your game as you attempt to clear your mind to deal with transforming attacks and a shifting environment during the course of the battle. This Dark Souls III boss encounter echoes the nature of the popular franchise – deadly, dark, mysterious, and beautiful.

Leaving home for Space


Fullbright, tackles sci-fi and isolation in Tacoma, its next exploration game

Just two years ago, Fullbright was getting ready to launch its debut game, Gone Home. Back then, three members of the four-person development team were living in a house together, working from the basement to create a game they weren’t sure anybody wanted. Could a game simply about exploring a house without any combat succeed? The answer was yes.

The 'like' phenomenon

Facebook vs Apple Music

A lot to 'like' in both Facebook and Apple Music


What do you like? Maybe you like Taylor Swift, Barack Obama and Philadelphia. Or, perhaps, you like hot dogs, Arnold Schwarzenegger and soul music... if not all six of these things. Whatever you like, you have probably used that hugely popular social networking website, Facebook, to publicly indicate your fondness for these things. As will become clearer in this article, it can be easy to underestimate the degree of influence of Facebook's 'like' function since it was introduced in 2009.

10 Ways To Boost Your Gaming PC

10 Ways To Boost Your Gaming PC

While new hardware is sometimes the only option, it’s not always the case...

Is your gaming system struggling to run as well as you want it to? Is it faltering when it comes to play the latest games, and generally failing to capture the magic it had when you first built it? Well, you’re not alone in that. Every gaming system goes through this phase, it would seem.

You could simply replace the whole system from the ground up, but that’s expensive and – to be honest – more than a little bit lazy. So, before you get your wallet out and hit high street for new components, you might want to try these 10 tips for boosting a gaming system first and see how they work.