Monday, 25 April 2016



The latest member of KEF’s EGG family updates the iconic speaker design. Ed Selley enjoys some over-easy beats

As the revival in the fortunes of two-channel audio looks set to continue, we’re seeing companies adapt products that were originally intended for multi-channel use to more traditional stereo-orientated designs. In the case of KEF, the company has taken its long standing ‘egg’ satellite speaker – a benchmark in the compact home cinema multi-channel loudspeaker market – and given it a thorough overhaul to turn the design into the active stereo setup you see before you here.

Gears 4: The Wind of Change

Gears Of War 4

We speak exclusively with The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson and Chuck Osleja as the Gears Of War 4 beta rolls out on Xbox One

“When we first came in, we talked about the Tim Burton Batman and the Christopher Nolan Batman,” Rod Fergusson tells us as we talk ahead of the launch of the Gears Of War 4 beta. “When I first came in that was one of our things: ‘We’re going to be Christopher Nolan’s Batman’. But as we started doing it we realised ‘This just isn’t Gears. This is something else’. So we’re trying to find this middle ground when you hear the banter, even in our tease at E3, with Kait and JD talking to each other. I don’t want to make a humourless game.”