Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Look At The Hardware Modding Scene


With the right knowledge, you can improve just about anything, and the modding scene is full of people who do just that

Companies spend countless man hours and masses of money designing and refining new hardware. Whether it’s graphics cards, CPUs, PC cases, keyboards, or game controllers, there’s a large design team that spends its time creating the best product possible. Or does it? Even the best piece of hardware will fall short of some people’s expectations, and the old adage of not being able to please everyone all of the time is very true.

Remembering… Saboteur


David Hayward dons his ill-fitting ninja suit and tries to do the splits

The 80s were a time of rubber keyboard computers, six BBC Micros in the entire school, amazing magazines and games with artistically drawn covers and ninjas. Ninjas were everywhere in the 80s, you couldn’t walk down the high street without some image of a ninja jumping out at you, brandishing a terrible weapon of sorts.

The Best Places To Buy DRM-Free Content

DRM-Free Content

We have a little look at where to get hold of restriction-free media

Our digital world is an incredible thing to behold. At the touch of a button we can lay our hands on news, music, books, games, films and goodness knows what else, and we can enjoy this content wherever we go and on whatever media device we want. Mostly.

With this digital age, though, comes a set of restrictions that govern what and where we can view the media of our choice. It controls what devices we can view our bought and paid for media on and even goes so far as to spy on our media viewing habits.

Code With AI2. Browser

Code With AI2. Browser

Build an Android web browser app with David Briddock

Over the last few issues, we’ve used App Inventor 2 (AI2) to build a useful timer and a motion-activated dice shaker.

This time, we’re going to build a fully functional web browser, and it’s much easierthan you might think.

Remember, all you’ll need to play along is a Windows/Mac/Linux PC, a web browser and a Google account. Ideally you’ll also have an Android smartphone or tablet, but even this isn’t essential.

Is Hacking Getting Worse?

Is Hacking Getting Worse?

Mark Oakley looks at hacking’s murky recent headlines and wonders if things really were better in the ‘good old days’

August’s Ashley Madison data dump was something of a wake-up call for adulterers everywhere. Since news of the site’s hacking surfaced in July, the online dating site has received the sort of media attention that no company wants. Those registered to the site, meanwhile, would have been nervously keeping one eye on internet forums to check that their names and email addresses hadn’t gone public.

Wanna See Banned Footage? Try Pornhub…

Wanna See Banned Footage? Try Pornhub…

When something gets yanked from YouTube, where does it end up? Porn sites, apparently!

Don’t close the page yet, we’re not talking about anything NSFW. Well, maybe we are – your boss probably wouldn’t like you skiving off work to watch trailers for an upcoming computer game, after all. This isn’t an article about porn. It’s about the internet, and file hosting, and the fact that it’s become virtually impossible  to stop people sharing videos with one another, no matter how much legal clout you’ve got.