Friday, 9 October 2015

Dragon Professional Individual

Dragon Professional Individual

Michael has been talking to his computer again

With its latest speech recognition software, Nuance has opted move towards a product that's more suited to office workers than a home user. This review is based on the Dragon Professional Individual product, which provides features designed to improve productivity potential.

Bitdefender Total Security 2016

Taking on internet threats with advanced machine intellience

The problem with new internet and system security software isn’t so much the advanced levels of protection that continually need to be updated and act intelligently, it’s trying to package all of that along with useful features and tools in an easy to understand and use front-end. It’s devilishly tricky to get the right mix, while still having a friendly interface for the user.

Seiki SE39UA01UK 39" LED 4K TV

Mark checks out an amazingly cheap 4K TV

No, that isn’t a typo on the price, this 4K TV really is £210. We've even found it on sale with free delivery from one particular UK online retailer. My first thought was that, surely, this is too good to be true – and in many respects that’s precisely what it is.

Lenovo Thinkcentre E50-00 Desktop

Lenovo Thinkcentre E50-00 Desktop

Mark dons the disguise of the infamous El Bastardo, to review the Lenovo E50-00

Hola, y bienvenidos a mi opinión. Or 'Hello, and welcome to my review'. These pages will mainly cover my conclusions about the Lenovo E50-00, which was delivered in error to me with a Spanish version of Windows installed. After numerous attempts I couldn’t convince it to habla Inglés, so covering it turned out to be especialmente difícil.

ViewSonic PJD7830HDL

ViewSonic PJD7830HDL

Mark enjoys some big-screen entertainment courtesy of ViewSonic

With the price of LCD TV’s at rock bottom, and the sizes massive, it would be a reasonable conclusion that projectors had gone the way of the dodo. Yet, the ViewSonic PJD7830HDL demonstrates that they’re still an option for those who prefer the versatility of a projected image.

MSI Nightblade MI

MSI Nightblade MI

It may be compact, but there’s a lot going on inside here

The MSI Nightblade range has recently added to its catalogue of gaming systems with the launch of the Nightblade MI. MSI has primarily developed the Nightblade MI for the mini-ITX, 1080p gaming community or, to ranslate, those who prefer their living room gaming to be based around a PC rather than a console, and want a discrete system for that purpose.

Top 5 Things Techies Like To Argue About


Join us as we retreat to a safe distance…

1 MP3 Vs Vinyl

If we were to say either one of these was better than the other, you can guarantee we’d get ‘letters’, informing us why we’re wrong. Those on the side of vinyl will say it’s a true reproduction of the source material, while MP3 is merely a compressed sample. Digital fans will point to the high quality of lossless formats, while also mentioning the flaws in vinyl. Never, though, will they concede ground to the other side. We say put the dance floor in no man’s land and enjoy the tunes in whatever format they arrive.