Saturday, 7 November 2015

Is Anything More Hateful Than ‘Read Receipts’?

Is Anything More Hateful Than ‘Read Receipts’

Sarah Dobbs reckons technology has tried to solve a problem that didn’t exist with read receipts – and created a new one in the process

If there was ever a question that didn’t really need to be asked, it’s “did you get my email?” Of course they got your email... Maybe once, back in the early days of the internet or when spam filters were less selective than they are now, there was a vague possibility that your email might’ve gone walkabout or end up sitting in someone’s junk mail, unnoticed. But that really doesn’t happen very often any more. When we ask “did you get my email?”, what we’re really asking is “could you please actually reply to my email?” or “can you do the thing I asked you to do in my email, now or sooner, because I’m getting impatient?”

What To Do If Your Account Is Hacked (And How You Can Protect Yourself)

What To Do If Your Account Is Hacked

As more and more people fall victim to online hackers, David Crookes look at the defensive steps you need to take

Barely a week goes by these days without some sort of hacking story emerging in the news. Recently, there have been major security breaches at some of the best-known online companies across the world – from Sony, to Dropbox, to Ashley Madison – and all of them have led to disruption on some scale. Whether hacked accounts simply force users to subsequently change their passwords, or cause a major leak of information and prompt a major overhaul of the back-end system of the affected service, hacking leads to inconvenience and at worse loss of money and privacy.