Monday, 10 November 2014

LG 65UB980V: Bold and beautiful

LG 65UB980V

LG's high-end 4K TV combines brilliant Smarts with great images. John Archer reports

LG has had a topsy-turvy year in TV. On the upside, the brand’s taken the Smart TV world by storm with its WebOS interface. On the downside, it’s struggled to keep up with some rivals on the picture quality front.

Chiefl y, this is because the IPS panels it employs in its LED-lit fl atscreens have failed to deliver the sort of contrast performances we’ve come to expect from rival LCD technologies. If any TV’s going to lift LG into the A-List, though, it’s the 65UB980V. After all, this is the company's fl agship 65in model for 2014, and as such it comes packing the highest levels of LG’s hardware and software wizardry.