Friday, 10 June 2016

Top 5 Internet Criminals

Kim Dotcom

Causing mischief is what these guys are all about…

1 Kim Dotcom

Born Kim Schmitz, this Finnish and German internet entrepreneur has made millions from founding online services like Megaupload and, later, Mega. Of course, both of these are closely linked with copyright infringement, and this, along with accusations of money laundering, wire fraud and racketeering, is why the US Department of Justice is trying to have him extradited from New Zealand, where he currently lives.

From Bedrooms To Billions: The Amiga Years

From Bedrooms To Billions: The Amiga Years

From humble beginnings, a technical icon grew

The second documentary from Anthony and Nicola Caulfield of Gracious Films is now available. And instead of looking at the history of British influences on the gaming world and the technology behind it, it’s time for one of the most iconic home computers ever developed: the Amiga.

As with the original From Bedrooms to Billions, the documentary starts with the humble beginnings of what would become a machine far beyond its time. It opens with late Ralph Baer, inventor of the Brown Box and credited as the father of videogames, then moves on to interviews with Joe Decuir, Larry Kaplan and Trip Hawkins, providing the history of Atari and how the key players in the history of the Commodore Amiga found their place.

Corsair SF Series PSU 450W

Corsair SF Series PSU 450W

Small system builders have a friend in Corsair

Many years ago, I owned a tiny Pentax Auto 110 SLR that looked like a 35mm film camera that had been shrunk in a crazy science experiment.

Opening the box to Corsair’s new SF Series PSU reminded me of the Pentax and how irresistibly cute miniaturised technology can be.

TP-Link Archer VR2600 VDSL/ADSL2 Gigabit Modem Router

TP-Link Archer VR2600

TP-Link delivers a heavy duty AC class broadband router

However you look at TP-Link’s new flagship router, the Archer VR2600, it’s a monster. Being 263mm wide by 198mm deep and 33mm high, hiding this one could be a challenge even if it can be wall mounted.

This hardware isn’t all about aesthetics, thankfully. Instead it’s the rather special blend of wi-fi that’s the critical lure for those who want to revamp their router.

Asus Zenpad 10 (ZD300C)

Asus Zenpad 10 (ZD300C)

Is this budget hybrid too good to be true?

If you’ve ever doubted the importance of shopping around, then may we introduce the Z300C from Asus. Comprised of a 10” tablet and detachable keyboard/speaker dock, this set sells for anything between £160 and £240.

We’re going to base this review on the lowest price, available from Amazon and the BT shop, and we wouldn’t suggest paying any more that, for reasons that we'll explain shortly. It’s also worth bearing in mind that you can buy the Asus Z300C for around £140, which is exactly the same tablet but without the dock.