Monday, 23 November 2015


AmigaOne A1222

Following the brief glimpse of the new Amiga motherboard, monikered Tabor recently, A-Eon Technology has put out a full press release regarding the motherboard and its itended initial home, in the form of the AmigaOne A1222 machine.

The motherboard has been developed by Ultra Varisys under commission from A-Eon in association with Acube srl, which has already seen prototypes go out to developers, and ports of various Linux distributions are already underway as well as AmigaOS 4.1 FE. A full (and oversubscribed) beta test programme of the board is about to get underway.

21 Ways To Speed Up Your Home Network

21 Ways To Speed Up Your Home Network

Does your home network feel a little sluggish? We have some solutions for you to try out

Ahome network a mere 15 years ago was something only serious computing enthusiasts could brag about. Since the advent of broadband, though, and with more complex routers being supplied by ISPs that handle this generation of broadband, home networks are now something virtually every home in the connected world has.

Yakuza 5

Yakuza 5

The Yakuza series is known in the west as a sort of hybrid of GTA and Streets Of Rage – an openworld gangster caper in which you knock the stuffing out of ne’er-do-wells on the mean streets of various cities in contemporary Japan. So why are we in a TV dressing room, fretting about our hair and makeup, stressed out because we just spilled coffee all over a talent show’s producer after a rival tripped us up?

Nostalgia Factory

Nostalgia Factory

Inside Square Enix’s new micro studio, which aims to recapture the Japanese RPG’s glory days

When Atsushi Hashimoto joined the videogame industry as a young designer, he made the decision he wouldn’t work for Square Enix. It wasn’t that he disliked the company or didn’t get along with its bulging back catalogue of games, many of which Hashimoto had played as a boy. “These were the kinds of games I wanted to make,” he says. “No, I didn’t apply for Square Enix because I didn’t feel it was right to try to recreate something you love so much.”

Shooting Stars

Squadron 42

UK studio Foundry 42 wants to bring Star Citizen’s sandbox spirit to its ambitious FPS campaign, Squadron 42. Can they pull it off?

When I first heard about Squadron 42, Star Citizen’s FPS campaign, I was expecting Call of Duty in space. A parade of cinematic set-pieces with an all-star cast and a handful of linear missions. The appetiser to Star Citizen’s main course. But as I spoke to the talented team developing it – Wilmslow-based Foundry 42 – it became clear that they’re attempting something far more ambitious.