Sunday, 26 October 2014

SteelSeries DeX Gaming Mousepad

SteelSeries DeX Gaming Mousepad

Mark luxuriates in silicon and textured fabric combo of the SteelSeries DeX.

In my daily work I use an old SteelSeries mouse pad, one of its older S&S designs. Made from a very durable hard plastic, it adheres to my desk with a soft rubberised coating that stops it moving around.

Unfortunately, being at least seven years old, the rubber coating has started to shed like the tire of an F1 car that's done far too many laps.

With perfect timing, SteelSeries sent me its new DeX pad, and what a wonderful replacement it is. The DeX, as you can see in the images, is made from two distinctively different materials that are heat bonded into a single flexible pad. On the underside is a brightly coloured orange silicon surface that has sufficient tack to maintain zero slippage, however aggressively you move your mouse.

Edifier Studio 980T Speakers

Edifier Studio 980T

Аlthough not an essential addition to a PC system, a set of speakers certainly provides another form of entertainment, particularly if you use your PC for more than word processing. The fact is that PCs and computer devices in general do far more these days than they were originally conceived for, everything from video editing to running a full DJ studio. Or perhaps to simply play a few games to provide an escape after a long day poring over figures in an office.