Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Download everything in higher quality

Don’t put up with substandard quality in videos, music and photos. Robert Irvine reveals how and where to download the optimum versions of digital files

Stop Hackers Locking Your PC & Phone

Stop Hackers Locking Your PC & Phone

The criminals behind ransomware are finding ever more devious ways to lock your files. Wayne Williams explains how to protect your devices from the latest threats, and recover from an attack

Ransomware first hit the headlines a few years ago as one of the nastiest types of malware yet, taking control of a victim’s computer, encrypting their files and extorting money to remove it. Sadly, in recent months, the threat of ransomware has grown worse – much worse, in fact. Not only has it spread from PCs to phones, tablets and Macs, but there has been a massive increase in the number of instances of ransomware detected. Moreover, the methods that hackers use have become more devious and more difficult to deal with.