Sunday, 12 July 2015

Secret Tips For... VLC


Improve video quality, record your Windows Desktop and use a smartphone or tablet as a remote control

Play or save online videos

VLC lets you download videos hosted by sites like YouTube. Simply copy the video’s web address, then go to VLC and choose ‘Convert/Save’ from the Media menu. Select the Network tab, click in the ‘Please enter a network URL’ field and press Ctrl+V to paste the video’s address. Click the down arrow on the button at the bottom and select ‘Convert/Save’, then click the button again. Click Convert and choose the desired video-file format from the Profile dropdown menu. Click Browse, select a destination, type a name for the saved video and click Start, and then wait for the video to download.

Crystal Acoustics Widaptor

Crystal Acoustics Widaptor

A cheaper way to play music wirelessly around your house

There are several ways to play music wirelessly to different rooms in your house, while controlling it all from a smartphone or tablet. Narrow them down to those that are easy to set up (for example, Sonos) and cost no more than £50 (certainly not Sonos) and your options are much more limited. Crystal Acoustics’ Widaptor, however, promises to tick both these boxes.

Xara Web Designer Premium 11

Xara Web Designer Premium 11

Design your website without using code

Most websites are created in one of two ways. You can set up your own web server, install a system such as WordPress, add a template and edit the HTML code yourself to create what you want. Or you can use a ready-made free service (like Tumblr) or paid-for ones (like Squarespace) that let you quickly set up a site, with a limited range of options, but without the hassle of servers or HTML.

3rings Care 3rings Plug

3rings Care 3rings Plug

A plug that reassures you a loved one is all right

Remember the days when you’d let your mum know you were OK by phoning and hanging up after three rings? If you do, your mum may be getting on a bit now, and you’d like to be sure she's OK. So tech entrepreneur Steve Purdham has invented a modern equivalent.

The Most Impressive PC Cases Money Can Buy

In Win  H-Tower

We check out some extreme chassis for sale

PC cases have evolved drastically over the last 20 years or so, from the rather bland beige, toilet-coloured offerings of the past to the more elaborate and visually astounding things we see today.

For many, a case tells you as much about the owner as the hardware inside. A futuristic-looking chassis speaks of someone who likes to have the latest technology, for example. A case with multiple fans, vents and LEDs attached, meanwhile, suggests an extreme overclocker looking to impress others with their skills.