Monday, 28 September 2015

Acer H6520BD

Acer H6520BD

The H6510BD has a 1.3x lens and a minimum projection distance of 1.5m, while the H6520BD tested here has a 1.1x lens and a projection distance of 1m or more. A wireless facility is claimed, via an optional HDMI dongle, for the H6520BD. However, this can be added to the H6510BD, too. Infuriatingly, the H6520BD lacks the other model's integrated control panel. As a result, the handset is essential for operation under most circumstances. Furthermore, the PDF manual covers over 50 models. This is asking for trouble, especially among newcomers.

Panasonic TX-50CX802

Panasonic TX-50CX802

Panasonic has put to bed the ghost of plasma with this 4K TV champion

It may have taken time for Panasonic to refocus its engineering team from plasma to LCD, but with the CX802 (also known as the CX800 in some territories) the Japanese giant finally seems to have cracked the transition.

Not only is this the most accomplished LED screen it’s ever made, it’s one of the finest all-round 4K TVs available right now.



As the bridge between your PC and your eyes, the monitor is one of the most important components you’ll purchase, but many enthusiasts end up with a subpar unit by focusing on a handful of specs, such as price, refresh rate, and native resolution. The ASUS PB328Q is a professional-grade monitor that combines multiple picture quality enhancements, ergonomic adjustability, and advanced technologies that anyone who uses a PC on a daily basis will appreciate. Perhaps most importantly, the PB328Q blends into the background and lets the games, images, websites, documents, applications, videos, and everything else you view on your PC shine through.

Double Play

Intel’s Haswell-E & Skylake

Intel’s Haswell-E & Skylake Lineups Offer Power For All

Who is a power user? Sure, it’s really easy to point to a $10,000 gaming PC—complete with a flagship processor, four graphics cards, PCIe SSDs, and all the requisite trimmings—and say, “that guy,” but there’s a better answer. We think that being a power user is more a state of mind than a state of hardware. True power users are those who make the most of the hardware available to them.

With a fleet of terrific, cutting-edge CPUs, Intel wants to make power users out of everyone, regardless of budget. Thanks to a pair of processor families, enthusiasts with a passion for pushing their CPUs have plenty of options.

Battle Stations

World of Warships

In World of Warships, Wargaming takes its multiplayer combat game to the high seas

So they sank my carrier. Again and again and again. My teammates, who’d whooped and cheered in chat when they saw the top-end carrier joining their team, scowled emoticons as their battle for survival suddenly became almost impossible. My only excuse is that the turning circle on a Midway-class aircraft carrier is more than I’m used to. I live in London, and the hackney cabs here turn on the spot. Not slowly over the course of 22km, while on fire and being peppered by torpedoes.