Friday, 18 November 2016

Mini Doom

Mini Doom

A tiny version of a much loved classic this week

Doom is quite possibly one of the most infamous games in the PC's history. When it was released, it took the world by storm and generated both controversial news pieces as well as scores of pages of hints, tips, secrets.

The game catapulted the PC into the mainstream gaming market, where once the PC was a niche gaming platform, post-Doom found a PC in nigh-on every bedroom in the connected world.

It wasn't just the gore, the multiplayer aspects or the fact that you could mod the game to the nth degree that made Doom so popular. It was the fact that, although rough around the edges, the game was so incredibly addictive.

Over the years, there have been countless remakes, sequels (both official and unofficial) and modded versions available; our articular favourite was the unfinished Aliens: Doom. But recently we got our hands on the free to play Mini Doom, a 2D platformer version of the classic game developed by Felipe Porcel and Juan Carlos Procel. And it's pretty great.

Mini Doom

A Tiny Game

Although only a few levels long, this wonderful 2D platforming homage to the original game is really quite an achievement.

Using Yoyo Games GameMaker Studio, Mini Doom manages to incorporate the original sound effects and music along with a graphical likeness of the Doom Guy, the Imps, Cyberdemons, zombie marines and the wall structure and decorations - but all in 2D as opposed to the original 3D.

You'll also get your hands on the various weapons available from the original, starting with the pistol, then shotgun, plasma gun, rocket launcher and working your way to the BFG9000 itself.

The levels are well designed, and while some provide a challenge, they're not impossible to blast your way through. The developer has even opted for a choice of three different methods of control, using keyboard only or a combination of both keyboard and mouse.

Icon Of Sin

Along the way you'll need to pick up coloured keycards, and there are even a few secret locations scattered throughout the levels. In short, the developer has done a great job of bringing the classic doom to a new visual look and feel.


There's a lot of fun to be had from Mini Doom. It doesn't require any installation, it's free to play, and it's extraordinarily tidy in its design and sticking to the original concept.

If you're looking for a decent time waster and you fancy going semi-retro, then check out Mini Doom at We're pretty sure you'll appreciate it as much as the original all those years ago.

Features At A Glance
• Free
• Original sound effects and
• No installation required
• 11 MB executable only